Lake Union Boats A Float Show 2015

We are very lucky here in Seattle, as we have two boat shows a year. The main show is in January, that includes the featured boats at the convention center and also on Lake Union. The other show, is always in the Fall, at Lake Union.  They typically will have quite a few trawlers, pilothouses, yachts, monohulls and sport fishing boats.
This year the weather was warm and sunny (we’ve been to it in the pouring down rain and it’s not fun). Since we just sold our wine shop, we are that much closer to buying our live-aboard and now we are really looking at specifics on boats.
First up was a brand new Sea Ray 510 Fly. This would be an awesome “weekender”, but for $1.4 million, it’s a bit out of our price range.

Next up was a brand new Meridian 441 Sedan. We actually like the older models better for a live aboard. We did run into a dealer from Canada who told us there were plenty available up in British Columbia, so we may look at that. Of course buying outside of the US, there are tariff issues that we would have to research. 

While we don’t plan on living aboard a trawler, there are many features on some trawlers we love. Here is the 2003 Selene 47.  The galley is very spacious and even the salon is nice a roomy. Engine room had plenty of head space, the master head had a tub and the other head had a separate shower. The steps had storage in them.

There are some pilot house Navigators we like. At this show they had a trawler ’48 Navigator. It had some really cool storage ideas. Apparently the washer dryer is down in the engine room (access through the galley floor).

The best part of the day is spending time with family and enjoying the sun!

We did go on a motor yacht that I actually really liked, but Scott didn’t. This was a Hi-Star Cockpit Motoryacht 55′ 1989. It was broken up into many rooms, so it would be a great live aboard. You entered first, into the “outdoor living room”. Then you stepped down into the main salon. Yes, it was a bit old, with lots of white cabinets, but for $215k it wasn’t that bad.

For kicks and giggles we went on quite a few new yachts. Check out the Marquis 690 Pilothouse Motoryacht. For a mere $1,375,000 it can be yours! Check out the “laundry room”. It even has a dining room table!

Lastly, we ran into an older Meridian, with the layout we like. It’s smaller than we would like, but actually for a ’37 footer, it would almost work. This is a 2006 Meridian 368 Aft Cabin for $185,000. We should have taken more photos of it, but had ruled it out due to it’s size.

So we have another boat show done for the season. But came away with some great ideas. For example, many of the couches/benches you see, lift up and that’s all storage underneath. We love the deep sliding shelves on the trawler. Ideas just keep coming our way. Cheers!