Leek & Potato Frittata

Leek & Potato Frittata

Leek & Potato Frittata is great for any mea.  We use our Xpress Redi Set Go Oven (which is now called Xpress Platinum Countertop Cooker ) on the boat for many different dishes. It works great for egg dishes like omelets and frittatas. This hearty frittata has Yukon gold potatoes in it and so it’s great for any meal including dinner.

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Leek & Potato Frittata Yum
This hearty frittata is great for breakfast or dinner (or lunch!). You will need to pre-cook the potatoes and leeks ahead of time, but it's worth the extra step.
  1. Bring potatoes to a boil and cook until just tender. (Do not overcook them). Drain and let cool. Carefully cut slices into quarters. Sauté leeks, mushrooms & prociutto in olive oil and season with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Cook until leeks are tender. Let cool. Whisk milk with beaten eggs. Carefully fold the potatoes, leeks, mushrooms, prociutto and shredded cheese into egg mixture. Spray Redi Set Go Oven with cooking spray on both sides. Pour in egg mixture and cook until center is done, about 15 minutes. Cut into quarters and serve immediately.
Recipe Notes

If you are using a sauté pan:

Pre-Heat oven to 400º. Heat pan on stovetop on medium high and pour in egg mixture. Let cook about 3 minutes and transfer pan to oven. Cook for another 15 minutes until center is fully cooked.

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