Favorite Cruising Books

Our boating journey began years ago when I bought my first book, A Sail of Two Idiots, by Renee Petrillo. After reading their story of leaving the rat race, buying a boat (with NO boating experience) and sailing the Caribbean I was addicted! Growing up I was never much of a reader, unlike my mother who was an avid reader. But there’s something about living vicariously through these sailors and their stories, that got me hooked. With every book I read (and many of them are from the Pacific Northwest!) we are that much closer to fulfilling our dream. Perhaps someday, we’ll write a book of our own?

Below I have put together a quick list of the books we have read with links to Amazon. These are all great stories that will capture you and let you take a break from your everyday life.

Favorite Cruising Books I’ve Read:

Books about Living Aboard

As I continue to read more books (and I have about five new ones I’m reading right now), I will add them to this list!


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