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Philanthropic Boating Organizations

Scott and I love boating, but we’re also very committed to different philanthropic organizations. One thing I love about boaters is the comradery amongst them. Most boaters will help out anyone in need, whether it be help docking, borrowing a tool, towing a boat or sharing a beer.

Over the past ten years, I’ve read more stories about boaters and organizations coming together for a cause. One story, was about a sailing couple from Bellingham, WA. They were sailing the Caribbean and visited the island of Dominica. When they went ashore to provision, they were shocked that there were virtually no fresh vegetables. After that, they started a foundation to give seeds to farmers in poor Caribbean islands. Hopefully they are still active, but I can’t find anything on the web about them now.

Five of Our Favorite Philanthropic Causes

Hands Across the Sea

Sailors visiting poor islands, realized that children and schools were in need of books and educational materials. When they first started, they would collect books from other sailors and deliver them. Today, this a full-time organization dedicated to improving literacy rates in Eastern Caribbean countries.



Warrior Sailing Program

Anyone who has spent any time on the water knows how therapeutic it is. This organization is dedicated to getting veterans with injuries (physical or mental) out sailing to help improve their lives. Sailing is a great way to learn teamwork and build strength. Warrior Sailing Program also offers a variety of camps. If you know a veteran that could benefit from time on the water, please tell them about this program.

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Baja Dogs La Paz

A vast majority of cruisers on the West Coast, go to the beautiful Mexican town of La Paz. It’s ideal weather and location in the Gulf of California is one of the reasons cruisers flock to this tropical destination. Sadly, La Paz has also seen a huge increase in stray dogs.  Many cruisers who are wintering in La Paz, volunteer their time to help Baja Dogs La Paz. They are dedicated to reducing the over population of dogs and finding them new homes. In fact, our neighbors adopted a dog from La Paz!

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Sailors for the Sea

This organization has one purpose and that is to educate us and protect the sea. Three quarters of the earth is ocean and right now it needs our help. Just Google, “garbage, ocean, plastic bottles”. Did you know that there are floating ISLANDS of garbage out there? It’s time we all got together to help our planet, the oceans and the sea life that lives in our oceans. This is a great organization and they need not only our donations, but our support to raise awareness of the situation.

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Sea Mercy

Cruisers from all over the world head to the South Pacific islands every year.  What many people don’t realize is how remote these islands are. With the help of volunteer vessels cruising to the South Pacific, this organization is dedicated on helping communities thrive.  They provide low cost (or free) service delivery platform to support the remote island health, agriculture, education, infrastructure, economic and ecological initiatives/programs of these South Pacific islands.


One of my dreams has been to create a foundation “Ally’s Kids” and help kids with educational materials, similar to the organizations above. The difference is, we would target islands not currently getting any support. Perhaps someday when we get our catamaran we can finally fulfill this dream.

Local Philanthropic Events / Organizations

Local groups and events are always looking for support. These range from regattas for cancer, to ocean conservation clean up days to helping those less privileged go boating.  Talk to other boaters about how you can get involved.

What’s your favorite charitable organization that is involved with boating? If so, please share with us and we’ll include it in our next blog about sailors helping out causes.   Cheers, Scott & Ally