Saying Goodbye to our Golden Retriever Mac

Saying Goodbye to Mac

Sadly, Scott and I are saying goodbye to our golden retriever Mac tonight.  To say we are heartbroken and devastated is an understatement. Anyone who has ever had the joy of living with a pet understands this.  They are more than animals, they are our kids.

When Scott and I met, I had Maggie, my four year old golden retriever. Immediately, we wanted to get a second dog when we got married. Mac arrived in June 2003 and we were so blessed to have such an awesome dog.

saying goodbye to mac

He and Maggie hit it off and became best friends for life.  Soon after we got Mac, we moved from Bellevue to Renton to a house with a huge yard. They loved to chase each other and romp in the grass. Their other favorite spot was my family’s home at Tyee Beach on Camano Island.  Mac and Maggie would swim for hours in the sound, if you would let them.

saying goodbye camano island

Life After Maggie

When Maggie was 15 1/2 years old, we had to say goodbye. Suddenly, Mac was living a new life and he wasn’t sure what to do.  Maggie was the alpha dog in their relationship and now there was no one around to boss him around.

We spread Maggie’s ashes in the sound at Tyee Beach since it was her favorite place.  Scott and I put Mac in the boat (not knowing how he would react) and we motored out just a bit.  We had friends and family along the beach celebrating her life with us and it was a very emotional moment.

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The Wine Shop Dog

Since Mac had never been alone, we decided to bring him to work at our wine shop. There he greeted all of the vendors and customers at the door and politely waited for treats. He was a great store mascot! We would throw him birthday parties at the shop and one customer gave him a card with $20 in it!

saying goodbye to Mac

Scott and I sold our shop, The Wine Alley in October 2015 and now Mac was back to being a house dog. He had such a following, that customers insisted we bring him to wine tastings on a regular basis, which we did. In 2016 he started to slow down and getting in and out of a car required a ramp, which meant we couldn’t do as many things as we used to.

Of course, swimming at Camano was still at the top of his list and that is where we will spread his ashes too. He was never a great swimmer, but he learned to love it and it was hard to get him out of the water.

saying goodbye to mac

Mac the Boating Dog – Not

When Scott and I bought our boat Kokomo in May 2017, we assumed Mac would LOVE boating with us. Unfortunately, it was not his favorite past time. Probably because it was long walk to the dock and at 14 years old, he wasn’t into it.  Once on the boat, he did great, mostly slept or begged for food. I shared a blog post about boating with Mac last summer.

We always made sure he was comfortable and never stressed when we were boating. Mac loved all of the marina dogs he met and he loved that he could dine with us at Maggie’s Bluffs.

And our guests loved boating with Mac. He was always such a great boy to be with.

Thank You Mac

I can’t imagine what our lives would have been without Mac in our family. We traveled all over with him to Mt. Rainier, to camping in Eastern Washington, to visiting Cave B Resort and wineries in Washington.  Now he is with Maggie running around chasing her and it comforting to us to know they are once back together.

sweet golden retriever face

We miss you more than words can say and your memory will live in our hearts forever. We love you, Mom and Dad

Here’s our tribute video to Mac:


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  1. Oh, Scott and Allie, We’re so sorry to hear about Mac. We know how hard it is as we lost our lovely Aggie at 13 1/2 about 2 years ago. We never ceased to look around corners and expect her there. A new pup, Frannie, arrived for us this past October and she is a lifesaver! We still talk about Aggie but Frannie is helping to fill a big void and she is a splendid goof as well as learning to be a good companion. Thinking about you both. Keep your chins up.

    Love, Lynn & Kirk

  2. I loved seeing Mac’s video… You were wonderful parents to both Maggie & Mac. They had the best of care. Many fun adventures. They knew they were loved more than words can say. 😍❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐶🐶
    Hugs & love….
    Sandy Hammond

  3. All tears… what a great video! So sorry for your loss. I remember that little rascal when we picked him up to bring him home. You gave him and Maggie both such wonderful lives!

    You are the 3rd friend that has had to say goodbye to a dear dog in the last 2 weeks. With Kita being 15, I feel for you all and am cherishing the days. Much love to you and Scott!

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