Setting & Reaching Goals

When I started blogging originally, it was 10 years ago when I was approaching the big “4-0” and it chronicled my journey in trying to have a child.  Four years later, we gave up and came up with the dream to sail the world.
Since that time, we have traveled across the US to Annapolis and Miami to attend boat shows, read book after book about sailing and trying to absorb as much information possible before we make the plunge.


Now it’s 10 years later, so that means I’m approaching the big “5-0” this year. Time to set a new goal. I must be crazy because I decided to sign up for the Lake Union 10k run (6.2 miles) in August and I started training this month. I’m not a runner, nor have I ever ran a 10k. Luckily, Scott has decided to also run it with me.  
The motivation, is not just about accomplishing the feat, but rather getting back into shape.  Many people don’t realize how important it is to be physically fit to operate a boat – especially a sail boat. You need to have the strength and endurance in order to safely enjoy boating and sailing. Now, this is not typically how you sail (see below).
How do we begin training? Well, a few weeks ago I had the brainy idea to just go to the track and start running!  I made it around the first lap (1/4 mile) and was completely out of breath. I stopped for a few seconds and made it another round. Repeat. By the fourth lap, I was down to running, walking and all with the help and motivation of Scott, who was by my side.
So guess what happened the following day? Yep, I could barely walk as my legs were so sore. The pain lasted at least 4 days. A week later, we decided to run in our neighborhood, a mile at a time and walking in between for a total of 3.5 miles. Next day, couldn’t walk again. LOL  This is not going well and I only have 12 weeks left to train. However, I never give up on anything I start, so this will happen.  Thanks to technology and smart phones, I came up with a much better plan. I downloaded “10k Runner” training app and I love it! You run about every other day and the first day of training, you run for 1 minute then walk and repeat for 30 minutes. The next day I felt awesome! We are only in our first week of training with the app, so we will keep you posted! Cheers!





All Things Dogs, Boats & Sun

As most of you know, we sold our business last Fall. I am currently pursuing job opportunities in the sales & marketing field, but if you know me, I just can’t sit around and not be busy.

So what does someone like me do then? I start a couple of side businesses related to everything I love, Dogs, Boats and Sun!

First up, is our T-shirt and Gift line. We had the logo custom designed for us:

The items are sold at Cafe Press under AllysBoatingTshirts. You can get different styles and colors, along with some great items perfect for your boat!

We do get a commission from each item, so we really appreciate everyone’s support and share of the site!

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. As you know, I read lots of real life sailing stories. Almost everyone of them had a difficult purchase experience. They found a boat, took time off, traveled to another state to view it, only to find out it was NOT what it was described as. The photos were not current and the boats smelled horrible.  
I decided, that the yacht industry needs an unbiased independent “concierge” to help yacht buyers.  So I created a new business called “Yacht Buyer’s Concierge” and my rates & info are on my website posted here..
For a nominal fee, I will come out and take 40 photos and a video of the interior and give the buyers an unbiased report of the vessel. This will save them time and money, if, in fact it doesn’t look like it does on the broker’s side.

Feel free to share my concierge site as well. If I go back to work full-time, I will continue this service as this gives me a great opportunity to view vessels and help us figure out the right one when the time comes.  Cheers!  Ally