Not All Articles in Boating Magazines Are Just For Boaters

We subscribe to A LOT of boating magazines. The more information we can learn and keep the better. But there’s more than just boating information out there. I have an entire binder full of articles ranging from boating safety, to tips, weather, to places to visit and then there’s also the food related articles. 
Many of the food related articles can be used easily at home. Here’s just a quick snapshot of some articles I have saved recently. In this article in Coastal Living, it explains how to clean a fish and lists the best fish for grilling.

Living on land, we forget that boaters have to deal with bugs and this was a great article. Many of the tips can be used at home too.

I save a lot of recipes that I like in boating magazines. Everyone tells us, our pantry will be limited and we’ll have to eat very simple dishes. In addition, there aren’t any grocery stores in the middle of the ocean, so it’s time to learn how to make your own staples. So to be honest, I’m not a big baker. When I need bread, I just buy it. Well, we were out of bread today and I remembered an article I saved. See below.  So today I made this VERY EASY bread recipe, and it turned out great! 

So don’t just look at the photos and quick boating articles…..there is much more out there! Cheers!

A big change of events towards our journey!

For those of you who have followed our story from years ago, you know that our goal has always been to travel the world via a catamaran. Since then, we have been to boat shows across the country, sailed when we are in the Caribbean, read many books and follow many sailors and magazines.  The dream started just after we opened our wine shop, 10 years ago.  In order for us to start prepping for this new adventure, we knew we couldn’t keep working at the wine shop, so we decided to put it up for sale before our lease ran out. We are proud of what we created and wanted it’s legacy to continue.  And just like that, we found the perfect couple to take over and keep it going. We sold The Wine Alley on September 30th.  Now we are that much closer to our dream.
What’s next people keep asking me. Well, I’m going to take advantage of this down time to deep clean our house and also start getting rid of stuff. It is amazing how much stuff one couple with no kids can collect. This is my office, after I’ve cleaned it up a bit. (Yes, I share it with Mac our golden retriever).


That’s the number one thing everyone who moves onto a boat has told us……start getting rid of your stuff. Yesterday, I put a few things up for sale (new skis, boots, vintage camera).

I really could have an entire “store” if I wanted to. We have never had a garage sale and honestly we have so many things, we really could create an (online store). But I have to wonder, will any of it sell by simply listing a few things here and there. In the end, we know we’ll just have to do an estate sale, when we are really close to making the move.

I should have taken a before photo of the garage, but here’s what it looks like after we cleaned it up. We still have SO MUCH stuff. The next big task is going through the 10 years worth of documents from the wine shop and keeping only what the IRS requires, then find a shredding company to destroy the rest. Can’t wait for that project to begin!

Over the next month, I thought I would share how I am tackling the vicious task of “ridding of stuff” on our blog. Baby steps, but we’re that much closer than we were last month!!