New Reads

This summer, I had major surgery and was down for the count for a couple of weeks. Anticipating my bed rest, I stocked up on some new books.

I just finished Sailing The Waterhouse South Until the Butter Melts by Kelly Girl Waterhouse. Once again, this couple is from the PNW, specifically from Everett, WA. While the book doesn’t include their travels from Everett to Mexico (it begins in Mexico), it does detail the world circumnavigation, which is fascinating. Be sure to read it all the way to the last page and last sentence because it doesn’t end the way it looks like it will.  This is a couple I will continue to follow!

As you know, we also read a lot of magazines (see below). This month I found two magazines filled with great information. The first one is Harbors. This is a Canadian publication that features so many itineraries in the PNW, including so many inlets in B.C. This publication  is well worth the money.
The latest issue of Sea Magazine had some great articles and tips. There are so many “must have” subscriptions, that we can’t possibly keep all of the magazines (see below), so now I’m in the process of keeping & filing just the articles that are important. Especially those “how to” articles for when you are out to sea.


 One thing about reading true adventure stories about sailing is you have to use your imagination and imagery about the places, people and boats in the book. But my newest book, Convergence is FULL of photos and I love it! I’m only half way through and this book will take you around the world through the Society Islands. This is a must read!
 Friends of ours bought a Larson 360 a few months ago and we are looking forward to an afternoon on the sound with them in a few weeks. We’ll share photos from our outing. Until then…..more reading. Cheers.