Sunshine, Wine & The Dream

Summer is fast approaching the PNW and this is the time when Scott & I sit on our deck, absorb the sunshine, drink great wines & page through stacks of boating magazines. We’re so close, yet so far away. But we’re also more determined than ever to make this happen.

This past weekend we were at my family’s home on Tyee Beach at Camano Island. It is just so peaceful and the smell of saltwater tug at us even more!

One of our new favorite magazines, is actually a free publication called 48 Degrees North. It’s not a fancy publication, but it has a lot of great articles, local events and classified ads. You can find this at most marine shops and brokerage locations.

So people keep asking us when we are buying our Catamaran. Our plan is to first live on a power boat here in Seattle and make sure we like living so close to each other. Of course, we would love  to be able to afford a fairly new 50 foot power boat, but that’s not in our budget. We could ideally see us living on an older boat, like this 1967  53′ Matthews Motoryacht $99k. This vessel actually seems very nice considering it’s age.

Here’s another vessel we stumbled upon, 1968 65′ Whitheys Shipyards (BC) Monk Twindeck Pilothouse MY $115k. What’s cool about this motoryacht, is it is very much like an apartment. The galley resembles a full size kitchen, the main stateroom is large and the head is the size of a regular bathroom. But at 65′ in length, it is too large for a simple two man crew. The other issue with both of these boats, is they are wooden, which is why they are much less expensive. That does freak us out a bit, knowing we would be spending a lot of time in the San Juan Islands and dealing with floating driftwood.

So for now, we’ll just sit on our deck enjoying the sunshine, drinking wine and dreaming of the boat we want to buy.  Cheers!