New Reads!!

Anyone who dreams of sailing off into the sunset reads tons and tons of books & magazines. We just can’t get enough information.  It’s amazing how many sailors have put their journeys in writing and have shared them with the world. It doesn’t matter if it was written in 1975 or 2010, it’s still an amazing journey.
My latest favorite is a book I bought at the Seattle Boat Show, called Life Was a Cabaret by Becky Coffield. Again, another Pacific Northwest couple, this time from Portland, OR who buy a small sailboat, learn to sail and they sail from Oregon to Alaska back down south to Bora Bora. It takes place in the late 1970’s.  Back then they didn’t have all of the fancy gizmos and electronics we have today or cell phones. That makes this story that much more amazing. It’s a definite read!!


We also keep up with the latest news and adventures via blogs and magazines. In a recent article “Outremer 51 Shakedown” in Multihulls Quarterly , one couple shares their Trans Atlantic crossing in their brand new Outremer 51 catamaran. They had owned a monohull sailboat for over twelve years and this article really broke down the differences and similarities between the two boats and their experience crossing the Atlantic.
Aside from articles about gadgets, techniques, types of boats and adventures, I love the ones that have a great cause. It’s one thing to be able to relax and sail the Caribbean, but it’s another thing to do that and help others. One such couple, Harriet & Tom Linskey founded an organization called “Hands Across the Sea” which is dedicated to raising the literacy rates of children in the Eastern Caribbean.
In the latest magazine from Cruising World  there is a great article about Heather Tiszai from British Columbia. She and her family sailed around The Bahamas and were saddened to find the lack from  fresh fruit and vegetables. So she founded Growing Alliances for Sustainable Agriculture (GASA). She identified a core group of farmers, businesses and residences interested in sustainable farming. Her organization conducts workshops and providing resources so they can grow their own fruits and vegetables.
This is just another reason why we can’t wait to set sail. To meet all of these people and help their organizations. Life isn’t all about blue water and white sandy beaches – it’s the people that live there that make the Caribbean so wonderful. We can’t wait!!
In the meantime, I’ll keep pinning stunning photos of beautiful islands and of boats we would love to live on! Follow me on Pinterest! Once I’m done with “Life was a Cabaret”, I’ve already have another book on it’s way…..more to follow!