Seattle Fall Lake Union Boat Show

Every year we attend two shows in Seattle. One is in the Fall that is held on Lake Union and the other is in January, which is at our Convention Center and Lake Union. This year, the Lake Union “Boats Alfloat Show” was a warm and sunny day!

While, there never are catamarans, except one Lagoon 39, it is great to get ideas for storage and utilities on the boats. We originally fell in love with Lagoon, but the more we spend time on one, we realize how small the cabin is and wouldn’t work for us.

We have also considered living aboard a power boat in Seattle first, to make sure we like it. This show, had a lot of Pilothouses, which is not our style. We prefer Sedans, and Meridian has the perfect layout for us, in the 2004 and 2005 years.

The idea would be to rent out our house and buy a used Meridian, saving us money on a monthly basis, so we can eventually buy the Cat of our dreams. Only time will tell!!!

New Reads

Back in March, we started following another sailing blogger, Kimberly on Lahowind. She and her fiance Jereme left Florida and are working their way through the Caribbean. She is a fantastic photographer and tells a story very well. If you enjoy blogs, this one is one to subscribe to!

I started a new book called “Seasoned by Salt“, by Jerry L. Mashaw. I’m only half way through, but it’s an interesting and very detailed account of their voyage from CT to Grenada. Just dealing with the Gulf and upcoming hurricanes has been very eye opening.

We subscribe to many sailing & yachting magazines, but two that have been very informative have been “Blue Water Sailing”  and “Sailing Magazine“. Not sure how we plan on saving the articles of importance, maybe the old fashion way, in a binder!

With everything we read, we’re just absorbing all of the information and taking our time to research , research and research. Too often, big purchases are impulse buys and we can tell you that years of thought and research will go into our ultimate dream. Happy reading!