Another 6 months into the year & that much closer to our dream!

Well, not exactly. People keep asking us when will all this happen? We don’t know right now. As long as we own a business and are still working hard everyday, no time soon. BUT, it will happen and hopefully within 10 years!

Sadly, I was sick in Jamaica, so we didn’t get to go on our sailing trip. Now that summer has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, we hope to spend some time on my sister’s trawler and enjoy the great waters of the Puget Sound.

Currently, I’m reading yet ANOTHER great book about sailors from Seattle. It’s amazing how many people / authors are from here. It’s called: Sailing the Dream.

I’m almost done with this one and have another one to start soon after called: Seasoned by Salt: A Voyage in Search of the Caribbean. This is a book about sailing the Caribbean, which is what we ultimately plan to do.

So for now, we’ll just keep reading our books and magazines and staying up to date on the newest & greatest. All along trying to learn from all of the tips out there.